The laser is the safest, most effective and long lasting hair removal system.

It consists of a beam of light (red) that captures the melanin of the hair (dark shades) and uses this as a conductive thread, reaching the root where the germinative cells are found, which are the cause of hair growth, and it destroys / atrophies

Only follicles in the growth phase can be destroyed, in Hedonai we use techniques and temporalities that make the laser the most effective system, since the longer the periods between session and session are observed, the more efficient and profitable the hair removal will be, achieving a progressive reduction and permanent hair.

Anyone can undergo a laser hair removal treatment. although it is true that blond hair, red hair and gray hair do not respond to the treatment of Laser Hair Removal since they do not have melanin to be captured by the beam of light.


Depending on each person the number of sessions needed, you can eliminate virtually all the hair from the armpits, groin or legs. The face or back require a greater number of sessions for a longer time, since these areas are dependent on hormonal stimulation. The treatment sessions are performed once the hair has come out again, which happens 2, 3 or 4 months after the previous session, depending on the area treated.

The goal of any hair removal laser is the destruction of the hair follicle. To do this, heat is generated around the pigment (melanin) that contains the hair shaft and destroys the follicle from which that same hair arises. The benefits of laser hair removal are:

You get a permanent hair removal in a short time.
The skin improves a lot in quality, softness and elasticity, since the aggressions that can be caused by other traditional hair removal methods are eliminated.
The skin is maintained in perfect condition without hair, without encysted hairs or problems of folliculitis, abscesses or infections derived from the follicle.