Relaxing massage

The relaxing massage that we do in Iconic Beauty is done manually and is aimed at improving the well-being, since its main objective is to increase the production of endorphins in our body. We evaluate the areas with the aim of improving pain, reduce or eliminate muscle tension, improve blood and lymphatic circulation and get relief from stress, anxiety and the tensions of the day to day.

80 €


Facial cleansing

Facial cleansing is an essential routine to maintain the skin´s hygiene.

It includes a first cleaning to remove the most superficial dirt, an exfoliation to remove the deepest impurities.

In addition, our professional will use some method to open the pores and remove black spots without damaging the skin. After  there will be a facial massage and neck to relax the skin to then finally apply a mask appropriate to the type of skin.

The frequency of this facial cleansing depends on the type of skin.

50 €

Depilation with LASER

The LASER  is a technique of intense pulsed light hair removal that penetrates the hair root and allows the selective removal of follicles. The number of sessions that must be performed to achieve an optimal result varies depending on multiple factors, such as the area to be treated, hormonal disorders, genetic and metabolic factors.

FROM 20 € 


Facial treatment with vitamin C

As the years go by it leaves marks on our face. Our face shows signs of fatigue, stress, the exposure to the sun and environmental effects ..

All this makes the face look dull and unhealthy. ICONIC BEAUTY's revitalizing facial treatment of Vitamin C is the appropriate treatment to activate the natural luminosity of the skin and renew damaged skin, achieving a luminous and youthful skin.

70 €


The manicure consists in the beautification and care of the hands. It is not necessary for the nails to be long or polished, it is sufficient that they are well taken care of to complete the overall appearance. A complete manicure is attractive to oneself and to others. Our professional will know how to adapt to your tastes and preferences. We offer several modalities of this service: essential manicure, manicure with semi-permanent polish, gel, acrylic and nail decoration.

FROM 25 €



Like a manicure, a pedicure means the care of the feet and its purpose is to improve its appearance. A complete pedicure treatment will help you maintain your nails, allowing to present beautiful and healthy feet. We offer several modalities of this service: essential pedicure, pedicure medicinal and pedicure with semi-permanent enamelling

FROM 35 €

Eyelash lifting

Show a long and natural eyelashes is one of the things that worry all women, because sometimes we do not want to put extensions for these. Eyelash lifting is one of the most modern aesthetic treatments today. With a duration of 4 to 6 weeks. Although it is a treatment similar to that of the permanent eyelash, when the eyelashes are raised from the base, they seem much longer, the lifting makes the eyelashes align, stretch and stand up very gently. This will make them appear longer by visually increasing their length.

50 €


Anti wrinkles facial treatment

The term anti-aging is applied in cosmetics to treatments and products that seek to maintain the elasticity of the skin and avoid wrinkles, dryness and other effects due to age. The loss of density of the skin causes skin flaccidity and loss of definition in the oval of the face. Now this can be corrected and above all prevented. Our specialist will customize your treatment to get the best results.

€ 70

Body peeling

The word 'peeling' means peeling or exfoliation and consists in the use of a product on the skin to renew its layers and thus be able to eliminate imperfections and favor a uniform color. The peeling achieves a decrease in wrinkles, a rejuvenated and well hydrated skin, with a correct secretion of fat and a good consistency and luminosity.

80 €


Body wraps

The body wraps help hydrate, tone and firm the skin, improve circulation, you get a detoxifying and remineralizing effect by providing the skin with all the necessary nutrients to look healthy.

60 €

Tint of eyebrows and eyelashes

Eyebrow tint (including design) and eyelashes is the perfect way to look like you have makeup with minimal effort. Excellent to give your eyes a more defined definition without the need of makeup. This extraordinary express treatment takes just a few minutes and can last up to a month.

12 €


Facial treatment anti acne

Pulsed light is a practically definitive technique to eliminate the bacteria that creates the spot that appears when the hair follicle gets stuck due to an excess of sebum. For this we use,  pulsed light that acts on the epidermis and more specifically on the blood vessels that feed the sebaceous glands, getting them to produce less sebum, and at the same time eliminating the bacteria that has been formed by the infection without any damage to our skin.

FROM 70 €

Facial treatment hydration

The skin is one of the most delicate organs of the body, and therefore requires more care. Being exposed to constant external aggressions, the face can suffer a great wear that causes the appearance of spots, wrinkles and other problems. To prevent its appearance or minimize its effects we have to resort to treatments and facial care. The hydration consists of applying on the skin substances that help to avoid the desiccation of the skin, they restore the natural hydrolipidic mantle, maintaining and increasing the degree of hydration. Our specialist will examine your skin and personalize your treatment.

70 € 


Rejuvenation facial treatment

All our anti-aging are personalized by a previous diagnosis in order to apply the products indicated for each type of skin, and thus get the most appropriate results to rejuvenate, combat sagging, improve skin elasticity, treat wrinkles and in general, improve the signs of age. With our rejuvenating treatment we will achieve a radiant, smoothed, hydrated and clearer skin. Returns the skin´s elasticity and improves its texture.

70 € 

Delicate skin treatment

If your skin becomes dehydrated and dries easily it means that your skin protection barrier does not work properly, that is, you have a more sensitive skin than usual. This skin is much more delicate and the components of many products cause irritation, causing your skin to dry and lose its natural moisture. Our treatment for sensitive or sensitized skin offers a great improvement in skin self-protection levels, effectively alleviates skin discomfort, increasing the threshold of tolerance of the skin against sensitivity, and prevents the appearance of signs of premature aging.

70 €


Body hydration ritual

A hydrated skin is a clear sign of health, however, many times and inevitably our skin suffers external damage from the sun, cold and wind that make our skin suffer. Our treatment is a perfect combination: body exfoliation, body wrap and relaxing, moisturizing massage.

Enjoy the pleasant aromas and have a renewed and beautiful skin.

90 €

Waxing hair removal

Waxing is basically about removing the hair from the follicle below the skin´s surface. It lasts approximately three weeks.


Radio frequency

Radio frequency consists in applying high frequency electromagnetic waves on the skin that causes controlled heating of the different layers of the dermis, which favors:

  • The formation of new collagen
  • The lymphatic drainage
  • The skin's circulation and subcutaneous tissue.
  • The migration of fibroplastos.

It is a painless procedure and is used for the treatment of cellulite and skin flaccidity in any part of the body.

Face laser

It is a treatment that sucks and massages the face through lymphatic massage. Improves the elasticity of skin tissues. It can be applied on both face and neck and neckline, while you take care of the face, the adjoining areas also receive properties to maintain and enhance natural beauty. It promotes harmony in the features and delays aging.

FROM 50 €


Facial ultrasound

Aesthetic medicine is combined with ultrasound to alleviate the signs of facial aging without using surgery. These sounds whose emission is not perfectible for the human ear, have the ability to act in the deepest layers of the skin. Therefore it is one of the best allies of beauty, since they increase the oxygenation of the cells, improve the hydration of the skin and activate the microcirculation, helping to reach a younger face.

50 € 


A pair of boots, a sash and arms with a certain number of air chambers connected to an apparatus containing an air compressor, will be responsible for applying air pressures effectively along the affected limbs (legs, abdomen and arms) and acting very effectively in our lymphatic system. It has multiple benefits such as improving blood circulation, eliminating fluids and also getting a complete relaxation of the body.

30 € 



Cavitation is a non-surgical technique to eliminate localized fat through the use of low frequency ultrasound, which is applied to the area where the fat is concentrated to dissolve adipose cells from inside. Subsequently the fat is eliminated with urine or through the lymphatic system. This technique is used to remove cellulite, returning the skin´s normal appearance of the treated areas, while improving circulation, eliminating toxins and increasing the tone and elasticity of the tissues.

50 € 

Treatments lifting and body toning

Flaccidity is the loss of the skin´s firmness due to the decrease or weakness of supporting tissues, collagen and elastin. Its most frequent location is on the inner side of the thighs, the inner side of the arms, the abdomen and the buttocks. There are several causes: one of the most frequent is the time passing by, the proteins that keep the skin firm and adhered on the muscles are losing effectiveness over the years, in turn there are causes associated with obesity, pregnancies, sudden weight loss or repeated weight changes, a poor protein diet, an excess of carbohydrates and flours, sedentary lifestyle and exaggerated exposure to the sun. There are different methods and techniques that allow to tighten the skin, completely customized treatments to the needs of each patient. These treatments have been shown to tone and tighten wrinkled and flaccid skin on the abdomen, arms, legs and buttocks.



Silhouette treatment and contour

Changes in the figure by different factors, including the time passing by, makes the mirror not return the image that we want. With the modeling treatments of the figure we will be able to bring back the silhouette´s lost splendor, reaffirming, treating the cellulite and reducing the volume. In DS Iconic Beauty in our team´s hands and after a previous assessment and diagnosis, we will be able to remodel your silhouette, putting at your disposal the most advanced technology to guarantee the best results.

Mesotherapy, pressotherapy, ultrasound, cavitation, radiofrequency are combinations to combat, remodel, reduce volume and localized fat in a personalized way.


Vibrating platform

Currently there are many ways to practice physical activity and all of them are in search of a better quality of life, from daily walks to exercise on machines. The vibrating platform is a machine for physical activity and also rehabilitation, has countless benefits that allow those who exercise in it to achieve muscle strengthening, improve circulation, hormonal balance and increased bone density.

This device works based on the emission of vibrations, which transmits to the body reflexively, making the muscle fibers exercise, contracting and relaxing automatically. Producing an exercise that will help both the physical and health.



Biodetox with diagnosis

It is an electronic device that magnetizes water with salt by electrolysis or separation of the elements that compose it, which when in contact with the feet, causes a series of reactions that stimulate the body energetically improving its functions. It is a system that promotes the general detoxification of the body. The soles of the feet is one of the regions of the human body that has more pores that allow ion exchange, also contains 62 points of reflexology directly connected to the meridians, organs, devices and systems.

30 € 

Teeth whitening

As you get older and according to your own human nature, the teeth begin to darken, often this process occurs more quickly for different reasons: when drinking drinks like, tea, coffee, red wine or other foods with a high coloring content. Another cause of great importance is tobacco, which can make your teeth look yellowish. Dental decay, fillings, and tartar can contribute significantly to discoloration. Some types of spots can be caused by diseases or medications. Teeth whitening is an aesthetic treatment that manages to reduce several tones, the original color of the teeth, leaving teeth whiter and brighter.

69 €


Micro-pigmentation of lips, eyebrows and eyes

How is micropigmentation done? Taking into account that micropigmentation is a dermopigmentation (a pigmentation of the skin), pigments are deposited in the area to be pigmented with the help of a needle, only at the epidermal level. Micropigmentation serves to make a semi-permanent makeup, that is, it is a technique that allows you to forget during a good season of having to make up to go to work or to go out to dinner. Micropigmentation serves to beautify, balance and correct facial features in eyebrows, lips or eyelids.

FROM 300 €

Eyelash extensions

What does it consist of? The treatment of extensions of eyelashes is the last thing to enhance the look. Natural lashes usually consist of between 80-100 tabs on average. With the  eyelash extension the amount is doubled, getting a much more lush, intense and enhanced look. The eyelash extension technique allows lengthening the lashes with the greatest naturalness, duration and flexibility of the hair, obtaining a beautiful and natural look.

FROM 65 €


Facial makeup

Make up the face does not mean turning it into a mask, it seeks to highlight the positive parts and disguise the unfavorable. At the time of make-up we will take into account various aspects, the face´s shape, the skin´s color, the eye´s shape and size, lips and nose, the hair color, the type of dress you will wear .... This complete face study will help us make a very favorable impression on the people that interest us.

Acrylic and gel nails

Acrylic or gel nails are used to embellish the hands, lengthen natural nails and correct bad habits. Our specialist will know how to work your preferences, color, shape and design.

FROM 60 €


Semi-permanent nails

The semi-permanent nail polish is a manicure technique that allows to keep the nails perfectly painted, lasting up to two weeks. It is perfect for a getaway to the beach or when the good weather arrives to show off an ideal pedicure and manicure. This polish is an acrylic gel mixed with polish that is applied on the nail and hardens with ultra violent rays. It has the same texture as a classic polish, the liquid and has even more brightness than the traditional one.

FROM 33 €