A new non-invasive way to get a closer face and more distinctive cheekbones


Many women with a more round face deserve a narrower face. Up to now, it was possible to soften face proportions only with jaw surgery, which required long recovery. DS ICONIC BEAUTY brings a new non-invasive technique without the use of scalpel, V-shape. By applying the material to the chewing muscles of the face. Resulting is a a narrower face with marked facial bones (V-shaped). In practice, it means weakening and changing the volume of the muscle, which results in a long-term narrowing of the width of the jaw - the face gets a narrower and more heart-shaped shape.


Who is the treatment for?

• If you have an unnaturally broad face dominated by a more powerful chewing muscle, given genetically,

• if you suffer from bruxism - scratching the teeth when the complication is dental damage, which is manifested in the form of enlarged chest muscle and unnatural thickening of the face,

• For clients with a "round / thicker" face.


The course of the procedure

With a fine needle, the required amount of units of material is applied to the chewing muscle. One week after the day of application, the chewing muscle is softened. Within 6 weeks, softenings and facial constriction occur. For one treatment, the results are temporary. Longer-term changes require 2-3 treatments at 2-4 monthly intervals. The procedure is painless.


There are no bruises after the procedure, and the patients do not feel any pain. Immediately after the procedure, it is necessary to limit "excessive chewing" in the form of chewing candy chews, hard meat products and sepium fish. All chest muscle functions remain preserved.


Price of this treatment from 595€

(based on personalized evaluation of the doctor)