The PRP consists of the introduction of plasma rich in growth factors that are released by the patient's own platelets through microinjections in the scalp in a practically painless way. 

The treatment with Platelet Rich Plasma is a novel technique that allows to isolate and use the growth factors present in the patient's own blood to enhance, accelerate and stimulate the regeneration of tissues. Its application at the capillary level stimulates the formation of collagen elastin and hyaluronic acid, also increasing vascularization at the level of the hair follicle, which is why it is indicated to stop hair loss and promote regeneration in patients with moderate hair loss.

Immediately after infiltration with plasma rich in growth factors a slight reddening of the treated area is observed. The results are progressive and reach the maximum point at the month of the session. With each session the results are more evident.


With these Biostimulation techniques we reactivate our scalp so that it works correctly again, like that of a person with healthy hair.


What do we get ?:

- increase the number of blood vessels and thus improve circulation,

- favor the production of collagen,

- counteract the negative effect of free radicals and prevent the aging of our cells ...

In particular, the basis (and success) of a PRP treatment is precisely the regenerative power of our plasma, of our blood. And this, today, is something little known, especially at the capillary level.