The method of self-fat application is designed to correct soft tissues. It is most commonly used in the face area. Very effective is the application of your own fat while enlarging the lips, filling the wrinkles on the face and filling the scuffed scars. Lipofilling also serves as a supplementary method after some aesthetic surgery.

Its principle is the transplantation of its own fat cells from one part of the body to another. A great advantage of this method is that when using its own material, that is to say its own material, which guarantees its easier acceptance of the organism, without the occurrence of undesirable reactions.



  • The operation is mostly done in local anesthesia. The collection is carried out by gentle liposuction and then the product is purified.
  • The survival of the transplanted fat varies from 20% to 50%, so this procedure should be repeated.
  • The duration of the procedure varies and depends on the extent of surgery.

Price from 950€