DS ICONIC BEAUTY MESOTHERAPY as the unique concept of personalized mesotherapy is part of a unique 3-level skin care system. Our mesotherapy is based on the exact protocol created by our doctors.

Each session is provided by our professionals in the area of ​​corrective dermatology with the ability to provide to the DS ICONIC BEAUTY clients real solutions to problems associated with skin aging, pigmentation and color inequalities, dehydration and unclean skin with acne prone. Each mesotherapy is personalized on the needs of each patient in the form that   DS ICONIC BEAUTY mesotherapy is fully adapted to the needs of your skin and guarantees rapid onset of action. After skin diagnosis and consultation with the doctor, we will prepare mesotherapy for you within a few minutes directly to the problems and needs of your skin.

We introduce into the skin, on the basis of the aforementioned diagnosis, by the physicians a mesotherapy containing targeted active ingredients.




The choice of active ingredients and the composition of each individually prepared mesotherapy is giving solutions to four basic skin problems:


dry, dehydrated skin

- skin fighting pigments and color inequalities

- aging skin with wrinkles

-problems with acne 


In need of hydration and rejuvenation, it is a complex of vitamins which revitalize the skin and complex of peptide - that are involved in the creation of new skin cells, scar reduction, and hydration of the skin blood flow and for sure acid hyaluronic.

In the pigmentation, the solution contains both depigmentants, brightening and unifying color, and substances limiting melanin production, thereby preventing the formation of new pigments.