Multiple application of evenly filling materials to highlight the cheekbones, fill the circles under the eyes, fill the spikes in the area of ​​the nose-mouth, lips volume, round the chin, or fine nose correction.

CONTOURING - highlighting contours and beautiful facial features and suppressing shortcomings. The most famous "faces" of this method are famously Kim Kardashian and her sister Kylie Jenner, whose prominent bones and acquired proportions have long prompted speculation about what miraculous intervention they have helped. The answer is CONTOURING, which makes the doctor precise and detail the face's proportions to perfection.


It’s a beautiful and very natural method in which the lines of the cheekbones, snakes and chin are highlighted by hyaluronic acid to mask the circles under the eyes. Its totally unique and absolutely natural look after.


Price of the 1ml ampoule of the hyaluronic acid from 350€

(based on personalized evaluation of the doctor)