New collagen production


The solution is a natural look

Dermatological treatment of the face is increasingly, the more it is considered to be an effective weapon in the fight against the signs of aging - a rational solution to the necessary process. By gently restoring and strengthening the skin's internal structures, you can maintain your youthful look and stay naturally beautiful.


Collagen ensures elasticity and volume

Collagen is the main building block of our skin, making it firm and soft. Collagen production, however, is slowing as the age increases, thereby weakening the skin and losing volume and elasticity.

With wrinkling collagen, wrinkles begin to form on the face and skin contours are weakening.

What is Ellansé?

High-quality ingredients of Luminera stimulate the production of our own collagen. Thanks to this reinforcing effect, Ellansé regains its youthful strength and elasticity, and our natural beauty revives again. Ellansé is an injectable wrinkle filling that works to instantly smooth out the marks and similar signs of aging. Immediately after application, it adds volume and gradually begins to stimulate the formation of collagen. This effect lasts for the majority of patients for over a year. Ellansé can be effectively applied to deep wrinkles to reduce and strengthen the face contours. Ellansé can adjust individual parts of your face or make it a total lifting with a long lasting effect.

Suitable Areas for Ellansé application:

- Face

- Rhino-oral margins

- Chin

- Cheeks

- Hand

- After surgery

After administration of the substance, certain reactions such as swelling, pain, itching, bruising or changes in skin color at the injection site may occur. These side effects disappear within a few days.