The chin filling is the best option to elevate and eliminate the retracted chin, offering a balanced and natural appearance to the face.

Both the chin and the cheekbones are very characteristic features of the person, which help to give expression to our face. A retracted chin can cause a distortion of the facial area and the contour of the mouth, in addition to eliminating the depth that exists in our neck.

An increase of chin contributes naturalness and simplicity, eliminating those aesthetic problems that can derive from this problem. The enhancement should be gentle offering the patient a more defined facial contouring.



Through infiltrations of hyaluronic acid of high crosslinking we can obtain in a single session really surprising results. This treatment is performed on an outpatient basis in the clinic, it is practically painless and once completed you can continue with your normal life, allowing you to join the next day to work and social life. Since it is hyaluronic acid, it will be reabsorbed after a period of time with a duration of approximately 18 months. Then it should be retouched to make it perfect again.

At the end of the treatment there is no need to follow specific guidelines, but it is important to take into account some care:

The use of makeup is allowed after a few hours after treatment.
The treated areas should not be touched or scratched.
The doctor will indicate how many hours must pass before the treated area can be washed.
The patient should avoid exposure to the sun and UVA rays.
This treatment does not produce side effects, and the results are very natural. Of course, it should always be done by a specialist in aesthetic medicine for greater safety and effectiveness.