Rejuvenating chemical peeling helps against skin aging


Glycolic acid has good documented anti-aging benefits across all layers of skin. Exfoliation of surface layers stimulates cell renewal and pigment uniformity to improve skin brightness and reduce hyperpigmentation. Stimulation of the deep skin matrix helps against skin aging - improves its texture, including reducing the number and depth of fine lines and wrinkles.


Chemical peeling with AHA acids (the ideal combination of glycolic, mandelic and citric acid) is a quick and easy to perform type of treatment in the adolescent population. Rejuvenating peel chemically peels the surface of the skin to help clear the pores and leave a smooth skin. Chemical peels containing AHA acids also help to reduce the incidence of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The combination of glycolic acid with mandarin and lemon (Clarifying peel) is especially suited for patients with oily skin and tendencies to imperfection or acne.


Chemical peeling using glycolic acid (AHA acid) Rejuvenating Peel can help to combat skin aging and the incidence of acne. It dampens the surface of the skin, helping to clean the pores and leaving the skin smoother. Chemical peels containing AHA acids thus help reduce post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and create a skin matrix to reduce fine wrinkles and wrinkles. Clarifying Peel Clarifying Peel Tinning / Acne-Tending Skin Contains Almond Acid, which acts on the skin of patients with acne-rich acne.

It is well recommended and it helps to solve hyperpigmentation


In addition to exfoliation and increased cell renewal, alpha hydroxy acids (especially glycolic and citric acid) can reduce the appearance of irregular hyperpigmentation and also counteract skin aging and restore its texture.



Immediately after treatment, we recommend applying the NAQUA SPF 50 softening cream.


Price of this treatment from 95€

(based on personalized evaluation of the doctor)