PDO threads

Applying treads PDO to the face and face is a long-lasting effect of skin tension and facial cleansing without adding volume. Absorbable fibers are applied to the skin of the skin, which, in addition to skin disruption, also activates the production of collagen. The result is lifting facial lines and perfect skin shutdown of the applied area. The face acquires a new, fresh and youthful look.


Who is the procedure designed for?

The procedure is especially suitable for women after 40-ths, when the skin's facial decline is due to age, poor lifestyle or genetics.


How does the procedure work?

This is a non-invasive ambulatory procedure performed without the use of a scalpel. Following the desensitization of the skin with a special cream containing a local anesthetic, the fine needle on which the various types of yarns of 30 to 90 mm length are wound are gradually introduced into the subcutaneous tissue. The procedure does not leave any traces of scarring and is painful at least. Although the effect of mesonites is visible immediately, the lifting method has a cumulative onset - it is growing for several months.


The procedure should be combined with the application of hyaluronic acid (added volume), Ultherapy or Mezoliftoma. More and more clients, however, are looking for a thread lifting as a separate procedure.

Unlike other skin-forming methods, thread lifting is a short-term procedure and does not last longer than 30 minutes.



The procedure requires a short-term convalescence for 2-3 days. Ideally, surgery is done before the weekend.


Price of the treatment from 300€

(based on personalized evaluation of the doctor)